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  No girl wants to quarrel with her boyfriend, no girl doesn't like being treated as a child.

  In fact, I don't reject long-distance love. If love is scattered because of distance, then I recognize it, but I really can't accept such a hot and cold tone. Maybe you can't feel it. We can't meet each other. So I can only type across the screen. I don't feel your mood but the cold words in the dialog box. Now you think I just lost my temper. You can't see the way I need you. You can't see the way I tremble because of dysmenorrhea. You can't see the way I can't climb up and wash because of stomachache.

  You can't see me. You can't see the way you can't eat. You can't see the way I cry on a wet pillow and have to run to another room to get a pillow. You can't see too much. But you can't do anything. Girls are cowardly because your love is bold. But the love you give is too little to make me crazy. I know the feeling of loneliness when it comes to the bottleneck. Maybe your boys think it's a trivial matter. It's okay for girls to make a big fuss. I can hold back and say how I can tell you how grieving I am. It's really a quarrel and the one who loves you never let you cry. You never know. How self-indulgent you are when you run outside and can't hold back your tears. You never know how many tears I have to use to digest the grievances that I can't say I can't export.

  Every boy wants his girlfriend to be clever, sensible and not angry. He doesn't ask for anything to stop him from doing what I'm passionate about you.

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