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     It was a Saturday morning in May. When Mrs. Edwards opened the window and looked out, she smiled and said, “It's going to be a beautiful day.” She woke up her little son at eight thirty and said to him, “Get up, Teddy. We are going to go to the zoo today. Wash your hands and face and eat your breakfast quickly. We are going to go to New York by train.” Teddy was six years old. He was happy now, because he liked going to the zoo very much, and he also liked going by train. He said, “I dreamed about the zoo last night, Mum.” His mother was in a hurry, but she stopped and smiled at her little son, “You did, Teddy?” She said. “And what did you do in the zoo in your dream?” Teddy laughed and answered, “You know, Mum! You were there in my dream, too.”  
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