Each visitor:

  How are you, welcome you to a bead sea tour, I am your guide DAVID.

  Bead sea-newly arisen garden type tour in the seashore spend a holiday city, is China south china sea of a bright bright pearl of strand.She is located in Pearl River to go into seaport, the ground connects Macau, and water connects Hong Kong, is one of five economic special areas in Chinas.

  Bead sea the natural environment is beautiful, mountain clear water show, waters vast, there are more than 100 islands, the vegetable has "the city of 100 islands" United States to call.City planning and construction only have mental strategy, outstanding tour consciousness, naturally harmonious, the grace is unique, be rich with the modern breathing of garden sentimental appeal in the seashore very much.In 1991, bead sea's taking whole city image as a view is traveled bureau by the nation to review for one of"China travels divine spot 40 good"s.

  The bead sea has each kind of tour more than 300 houses in the hotel, the year receives ability to reach to 700, among them, the star class is more than 20 houses in the hotel.Construction in the hotel takes park villa as to design topic more, according to mountain alongside water, constituted together special scenery line in the city.Still set up each kind of meeting center, the exhibition is more than 10s, can hold various international meeting and each kind of exposition, commodity fair etc..

  In the bead sea, hold an international aviation aerospace annually exposition and bead sea film festival.Two greatest great event just at home and abroad influence biggest.The bead sea still sets up nations to race car a field, has an international car game to hold annually and has tremendous attraction to the large car sport fancier.

  The main tourist attraction of the bead sea City has large history cultural view circle new park clearly, the four greatest Buddhas mountain tour scenic area, pearl paradise, nine continent cities, bead sea the fish is female, bamboo fairies cave, gold sandy beach, white water country romantic feeling area in rattan lake.There is aquarium raising to set up, items, such as ocean park and plank Zhang sightseeing cableway in the mountain city...etc..

  Have the bead sea of international advanced level airport currently already and more than 20 city navigations in the whole country.The ocean of Ling Ding that leads to Hong Kong sails across ocean big bridge, wide bead railroad, the wide bead superhighway builds forthcoming.Not far future, the structure and form of the bead sea international city will form, the tourism defends an interest don't moxa, the prospect is glorious.The beautiful bead sea , just with the endless magic power, greets the arrival of domestic and international visitor!

  The bead sea surface faces south china sea, the coast line is as long as 690 kilometers, the whole citieses totally have all of the group of islands 140, there is the praise of "the city of 100 islands".

  Numerous island sceneries are beautiful, the weather is pleasant.Among them most is famous of is Tung-ao island, blue sea blue sky bottom, the fishing village chimney smoke is curling up in the air, the southern sand gulf on the island has the good reputation of "diamond sandy beach";Spread all over a strange stone on outside island of Ling Ding, going to the island can angle for fish, the slippery wave is the tour that is full of a wild interest to spend a holiday ground;Nine state islands climb mountain light water color, luxuriant tall bamboo wood, the wreath island takes a stroll, oblivion material life of hullabaloo with complicated;The Qi Ao scene in the island is exquisite, the historic monument is numerous;There are still many not well-known islets being like similar dispersal of pearl on the sea surface, the name of "bead sea" is probably consequently and since then.

  The bead sea in the bead the south of Tropic of Cancer of Haiti belongs to subtropics monsoon district.Often the year sunshine abundance, rain water is abundant, the year is average air temperature the 22.4 ℃ , average rainfall is 1700-2300 millimeters of, air on the average the opposite temperature is 79%.The natural environment of moist warmth makes the bead sea everywhere green shade spring onion cage, the every month fresh flowers blooms.

  The bead sea is located in the western side that the Pearl River goes into the seaport Ling Ding ocean, is river's sea to hand over to remit, the coastal city of water net interleave.The whole citieses total the ocean in the district of 7660 squares thousand meters of the area had about 80% and reached to 6030 the squares are thousand meters.On this broad waters, encircle bead sea, the waterses of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau of Pearl River thing shore, the pearl sort ground sprinkles 146 jade-green islands, the name of fabulous bead sea is from here and since then.

  The history origin and development of bead sea:

  The cultural object of discovering proves that the new stone age that up traces into 451000 year agos, has first a people to multiply on this land.Establish Hsiangshan town for Tang Dynasty perfect virtue two years(757 A.D.), belong to Dongguan County to rule over;North Sung establishes Hsiangshan town and produces salt, is a saltworks, past again field in Hsiangshan;Row for the south Sung Shaoxing 22 years(1152 A.D.) south china sea, a time Yu, new meeting, Dongguan four counties be close to the ground of sea as integral whole and establish Hsiangshan County;In 1953 with belonged to ten thousand mountain islands, three mergers, such as cooking stove islands and load pole archipelago...etc. of medium counties, such as mountain and treasure Anne(now Shenzhen)...etc. to establish a bead sea county at first;Withdraw a county to change city in 1979;Build up an economic special area in 1980.

  The bead sea administrative area rows:

  The bead bottom in sea City establishes area in the joss-stick continent area, Dou door, gold gulf area, the city people's government halts joss-stick continent area.Up to the end of 20xx, the whole city permanent population is 125.28 myriad people, among them, the household register population is 75.93 myriad people.

  The bead sea person has 1 to dream of, that is to let the bead sea become the most beautiful place in the world.Zhu Hai Ren wants to create a miracle:That is the place that lets the bead sea become everyones to look forward to all.

  For carrying out a dream, we regard as the life of city to the environment and the ecosystem:For creating miracle, we make people the center to pursue social development and the progress in ages.

  The person who has ever been to bead sea, not only to the pleasant breeze sea of the bead sea rhyme, the young and vivid city appearance leaves a deep impression, also will have a feeling to the bead sea person's living status.This is one to brave creative and then easily comfortable place, an ecosystem home that was full of a humanities color.Pure air, washed and brushed the pollution of city with miscellaneous disorderly, all the year round constant of green, accomplished it pure and free from vulgarity qualities:Neighbor HongKong-Macau of the characteristics of niche advantage and emigrant city, make medium Spanish turn to hand over to remit to melt to bring diverse and inclusivity for city mutually;The life style of modern got away from traditional inhospitality and permeated the vitality in ages;The new industrial structure molded to expand innovation, vibrant citizen.The bead sea is one can business and living perfectly combine together of place, the romantic city of a versatile and rapid development.

  The environment of bead sea gives it pure and free from vulgarity qualities, bead sea the person's intelligence infused into abundant content and the creative power of everlasting for this city again.The bead sea is a place that was full of a poetry painting idea, a city that was full of youth breathing, young and the beauty is the capital and magic power of this city, world and one nature, easily open of atmosphere, diverse city culture, give bead sea the person the unrestrained imagination dint and creative power.Pursue a personality, pursue special, pursue a development, pursue living quality and personal status, is this biggest characteristics for people lived in city.

  From the beginning of 90's in last century, the bead sea judged and decided in "China traveled divine spot 40 good" in, the unique uses the whole city as the view area selected of near 10-year, the bead sea successively acquired a national park green city and national ecosystem environmental protection the model unusual honors, such as city, national health city and Chinese excellent tour city...etc..At national news medium to well-known domestic greatly and in the evaluation of special feature in the city, the bead sea City acquired the title of "the most romantic city".In 1998, United Nations still gives the bead sea as"the best example prize of international improvement living environment" and makes bead sea become to be known for Chinese and Foreign"is the most suitable to match the place that the mankind live".

  Bead sea, the place that uses the whole city as to travel scenic area, what to present is a new ideas of modern, annotation of is one don't the concept of comer and nature harmonious development, a natural concept, bead sea just with its outstanding looks and matchless of enthusiasm welcome everyone friend to understand, taste and care and love and even hope that the friends contributes for his development doing one creation.


  Each visitor:

  How are you, welcome you to a bead sea tour, I am your guide DAVID.

  Each visitor, hello, everyone, today my taking the tourist spot that everyone sight-sees is a sea spring gulf, arrive at bead sea, you can not go to romantic Chinese top-class ocean hot springs of romantic feeling and spend a holiday the city-sea spring gulf.

  【The sea spring gulf spends a holiday city general situation 】

  The sea spring gulf spends a holiday city to locate at to cover area 4.2 square kilometers in the bead gold gulf area in sea City, more than 50 kilometers apart from the city center, the plan invests 3,500,000,000 dollars, the Qing dint creates domestic top-class, the world is top-grade super large comprehensive sex tour spend a holiday city.The sea spring gulf spends a holiday a city head the period develop 1 square kilometer, it from mysterious island, ocean hot springs, spend a holiday a hotel, the dreamlike theater, medical check-up center and athletics exercise club to constitute.Is a trip to develop rich brocade China in Shenzhen after the success in Hong Kong, folk cultural village empress of another masterpiece.

  Today our main route of travel BE, going first playing of mysterious island, mysterious island magic but movement the item will certainly let your intense emotion four shoot, the Hao feeling is full of, Chinese food after experience personally to possess south china sea and the natural ocean hot springs of first spring good reputation, let you to the utmost enjoy the romantic romantic feeling of ocean hot springs culture.Arrive sea spring after using up the dinner in Fisherman Warf the gulf spend a holiday the dream that the dreamlike theater of city watches a large song and dance evening party-the seaside, we will stay very sea spring gulf of enriching romantic feeling in Mediterranean to spend a holiday a hotel in the evening, hope that everyone can spend in the sea spring gulf wonderful but a day of romance.

  【Mysterious peculiar mysterious island 】

  The mysterious island is the topic paradise that the sea spring spends a holiday city and has personality and magic power most , it according to the coast line of natural daintiness, naturally natural lake noodles, skillfully play the high technology that the variety fascinatingly stimulate the equipments mutually blends with the whole building that spend a holiday style in city Mediterranean and constituted intense emotion four overflow of mysterious island area, wildly enthusiastic lucky big way area, the risky bush area of breathtaking incitement, mysterious strange and changeful pirate fortress area, the lake area of mermaid of dreamlike nursery tale sort and expand training camp and wait the structure and form of five the areas one camps.In the mysterious island, if you experience personally the best China and Asia possess fively play facilities, the first Asia situation full of peril, the first Asia E type chariot, the first in China flees for life a ship crazily, the first in China plays shoot type mine ride, China first set perpendicular extreme limit, so you will definitely acquire and unprecedentedly play and enjoy.

  Mysterious island entrance

  Is a mysterious island entrance here, gorgeous riotous of the small scaled tower building of color and thou the color thou joss-stick, the dockyard shape reappeared the living scene of soil Zhao residents of Caribbean.Get into view area, we will see lucky square and one by one in order spread to open of be full of various an exotic mood handicraft product store and eating place, people while choosing their own adoring merchandises, feel like walked to go into the mysterious world that a time and space converts.

  Lucky big way area

  Immediately after we step on a lucky big way, here of interact theater, listen to sound room etc. play item, will make you have a marvellous felling.Especially be you into to listen to sound room, the wood joss-stick of the Fang Xin makes you infatuate with, you will can not control feelings here of shut eyes, feel the sound of marvellous sounds of nature quietly.

  Risky bush area

  Arrive at risky bush area, it will make you make you feel an alternative incitement and experience.No matter is soon the mine ride that the extreme limit flies, still an extremely breathtaking situation full of peril, all full of biggest of challenge.

  The world is the latest, the first China situation full of peril is like a big bird crane to sign by the side of the ocean and lets you has eager to have a try impulse.When you meticulously sit the first in China to play a shoot type mine ride, in a flash, it hurtles the high set of 34 meters by the speed of 91 kilometer per hours, at the time that you hadn't yet recovered from a fright, it camed to a perpendicular 360 degrees wreath again to turn, after wreath turns, the mine ride followed to tilt to one side orbit to turn round 270 degrees, through twice lose heavy, rushed at terminal point by camel hump circuit.

  Because the orbit approaches a ground intentionally, the passenger's speed feeling and shocking feeling is stronger, make the ambulation speed that the visitor feels faster than actual speed, short short 85, let you feel unprecedented incitement.

  Here of mysterious theater, play India romantic feeling ballet every evening-happiness fairy, gorgeous consummate India dance, bring everyone of will be easy and happiness.

  Mysterious island area

  Step on a mysterious island, high towering sign at the mysterious island of the sea spring absolute being tower and perpendicular extreme limit of the center, the Zhe public is cold.Whenever the cope of night condescends to come, in the reflecting of blue light under the Chen, the sea spring absolute being tower is getting more magnificent, mysterious magnificent.If you didn't experience personally the extreme incitement of once perpendicular extreme limit and equaled don't come to mysterious island.

  The China's first set has the perpendicular extreme limit biggest acceleration of dual function to reach to 72.4 meters per hour, Gao Tai Rang who rise 60 meters feels at the same time that losing is heavy and the incitement of excess.Suddenly the body is perpendicular get down, let you brains blank, moment the experience throw but the whole annoyance, thoroughly clean depressive extreme pleasant sensation, enjoy extreme limit madness.

  Pirate fortress area

  Get into pirate fortress area, the mysterious peculiar feeling then rushes toward noodles since then.One E type chariot is most well worth playing and flees for life a ship crazily here.If that kind of fall to a precipice, the felling of extremely breathtaking incitement, only scream then acclaim can smooth.

  The lake area of mermaid

  Arriving at the lake area of mermaid is a peculiar water world here.The ocean cartoon of color and amiability that is riotous is the topic of the lake area of mermaid.It is the children's nursery tale Kingdom.Here, the visitors who take a kid can let your darling child play frog jump and turn a horse, peculiar eddy etc. plays item.

  Expand training camp

  The mysterious island still has sea spring gulf to expand training camp.It is the topic type that China founds to expand training camp and make the importance of sea spring gulf constitute part.It integrated a hot springs, hotel, resourceses like Fisherman Warf,etc, created the new mode that comprehensive sex experience trains.Its air break bridge, the air concusses bridge, air only wooden bridge, the trust back falls off, rock climb wall, graduate wall etc. enriches of the training item is that you throw but vex and release the ideal choice of pressure.

  【The romantic romantic feeling of ocean hot springs 】

  The ocean hot springs covers more than 40,000 square meters, the head expects to always invest CNY 170,000,000.Ocean hot springs is make use of 83 degrees of rich contain a variety to be advantageous to a human body of mineral of health and the bottom of sea hot springs of the trace element water with meticulous care create of take a bath recreational district.Our country famous medical mineral spring expert's professor Chen Yan Bing calls it as south china sea and first spring.According to taking a bath way and design method, ocean hot springs' taking a bath to construct is full of the foreign country romantic feeling of romantic sentimental appeal.

  The ocean hot springs is managed by three greatest sections, the hot springs department collects world-wide locations hot springs cultural essence;There is luxurious comfortable rest hall in the health care department, the facilities forerunner's spa hydrotherapy, various health care massages, the Chinese medicine nurse and treat and only enjoy sovereign luxurious suite etc. of dignifying the personal space.There are Chinese and western restaurants in the dining department, with produce the Chinese and Foreign delicacies of healthy health for lord.

  The hot springs department is mainly amused area by the Lan sea area, Europe breeze area, eastern area, outdoor hot springs area and bathing to constitute.

  Lan sea area

  The spa hydrotherapy facilities of the area adoption's forerunner, the falling of x-rated stairs and 2.5 meters are bad, constituted the special structure and form that three springs fold sea.The jet here type water power massages a public baths, the strong dint sprays water afloat public baths, hurtle to shoot water power massage a public baths etc. meeting will you whole body of exhausted get rid of almost exhausted.

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